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Film for cleaning the Ceramic Sharpener

Five points mentioned and need to pay attention in the film:

1.  Keep 20-25 angel between the knife and the sharpener. (depending on the habits of different person).

2.  It’s not necessary to wipe dry the sharpener. Just keep it on the cool place.

3.  It’s not necessary to clean the sharpener every day. Because the surface of ceramic sharpener is not easy to leave with germs. Please clean it one time per week or per month. But it will lower the effect of sharpen if you don’t clean it for long time.

4.  We smear oil on the body of the sharpener,just for imitating that the knives will be left with oil. And the sharpener will be left with oil when you sharpen the knives.

5.  Please take three steps to sharpen the knives:re-building the blade;taking off the raw edge and exactly sharpen. You can find more information in detailed on the “Q and A” and “Knowledge for sharpening the knives” Please leave your message for discussing on the web or make contact with me if you have any question.