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History & Conception
Chuan-Cheung Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a local manufacturer that engages in stick knife sharpener imports/exports. Founded in 1984, our company has been in business for 25 years. Mr. Hsu Man-Chen (company founder) is committed to the manufacturing and R&D of stick knife sharpeners. Under his leadership, the company has withstood the test of time. As the sole manufacturer of stick knife sharpeners in the market, our success is no sheer luck!
Manager Shen Cheng-Hsien and his wife Hsu Ke-Hsin are the second-generation proprietors who endeavor for high quality products through innovation and R&D. We have gained the trust of our customers with our excellent product line made to international-standards. As Chuan-Cheung is the No. 1 manufacturer of stick knife sharpeners, we take great pride in providing the best ‘quality’ and ‘services’ to our customers. We also guarantee that all our products are ‘Made in Taiwan! ’

Product Processes

Mr. Hsu Man-Chen engaged in the R&D of the stick knife sharpener machine. Manager Shen upgraded it with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Our Filament Sharpening Steel are the finest in the world! We have also developed the anti-break & shock-absorbing ceramic sharpener to satisfy our customers’ most demanding needs.
※Filament Sharpening Steel(processes): body CNC forming → body filamenting → trademark engraving → thermal treatment → body surface refining → special surface electroplating → QC inspection → body magnetization → handle assembly → packaging → delivery.
※ Anti-break & shock-absorbing ceramic sharpener (processes): import of ceramic powder from Japan → special sintering technique → designated length cutting → QC inspection → manufacture of ceramic shock-absorbing accessory → trademark printing → handle assembly → product anti-break & shock-absorbing test → package → delivery.
※Diamond Powder Coating Sharpener (processes): body CNC forming→ trademark engraving → body refining → diamond electroforming → QC inspection → handle assembly → packaging → delivery.
All the manufacturing processes are undertaken by our team of experienced operators. With stringent quality standards for quality control, our customers will only products made to perfection!

Innovative R&D
Led by Manager Shen, Chuan-Cheung upholds the spirit of never-giving-up. Our Filament Sharpening Steel are mass produced. Our anti-break & shock-absorbing ceramic sharpener has also received patents worldwide. Inferior products made elsewhere in the world are not a part of our product line as we insist on producing products here in Taiwan. The direction of our design and manufacture is ODM and OEM based. We are the provider of the best customer services!
Chuan-Cheung’s stick knife sharpeners will make cooking easier! We are confident that our efforts will pay off!
Our high-quality stick knife sharpeners are sold at reasonable prices. With innovative R&D, all our products are made in Taiwan to ensure the best quality